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KISM 2023 Topics
1. Advanced Atomic Scale Thin Films 2. CMP & Post CMP Cleaning
3. Advanced Etching Technology 4. Advanced Lithography
5. Post Fabrication Technology and System Packaging 6. Frontier Metrology, Diagnosis, and Modeling
for Nanoscale IC Integration and Emerging Device Process
7. Power Device
1. Advanced Atomic Scale Thin Films

Challenges and Requirements of ThinFilm Technology In the Era of Moore’s Law Extension and Beyond

The advancements of Atomic Scale Interface Engineering for High Quality Dielectric Thin Films

  • Dr. Chunhyung Chung

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    , Korea

Molybdenum Precursors and Deposition Mechanisms

  • Prof. Sean Barry

    Carleton Univ., Canada

Spontaneous Surface Reactions in Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum using Atomic Hydrogen as a Reactant

  • Dr. Hao Van Bui

    Phenikaa Univ., Vietnam

Memtransistor Devices based on 2D Layered Semiconductor for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing

  • Prof. Byungjin Cho

    Chungbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea

Area-Selective Deposition on Features with Nanoscale Dimensions for Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

  • Dr. Annelies Delabie

    IMEC, Belgium

Ozone Concentration Dependence of Tetragonal Phase of ZrO2

  • Prof. Hyeongtag Jeon

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Advanced Process Technologies for Future Logic Devices

Combined Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching Process towards Advanced Atomic Level Patterning

  • Prof. Woo Hee Kim

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Effect of Surface Pre-Treatment on the Initial Growth Stages of ALD-Ir Thin Films

  • Prof. Se Hun Kwon

    Pusan Nat'l Univ., Korea

Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Oxide Films Using Tris(dimethylamino)silane and Ozone

  • Prof. Won-Jun Lee

    Sejong Univ., Korea

Pt Thin Films by Atomic Layer Deposition Using Dimethyl(N,N-Dimethyl-3-Buten-1-Amine-N) Platinum and O2 Reactant towards the Semiconductor Application

  • Prof. Woo-Jae Lee

    Pukyong Nat'l Univ., Korea

The Improvement of Interfacial Properties of MIM Capacitors

  • Prof. Woongkyu Lee

    Soongsil Univ., Korea

Atomistic Modeling of Electronics and Thermodynamics of Defects on Titania Surfaces under Environmental Condition

  • Dr. Ngoc Linh Nguyen

    Phenikaa Univ., Vietnam

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition of Functional Thin Films

  • Dr. Viet Huong Nguyen

    Phenikaa Univ., Vietnam

Atomic Layer Deposition for Nanoscale Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors: Four Values and Outlook

  • Prof. Jin-Seong Park

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Development of Material Systems and Processes for Highly-Reliable ULSI-Cu Interconnec

  • Prof. Yukihiro Shimogaki

    The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Hybrid Multilayer EUV Photoresist for 1.5 Technology Node

  • Prof. Myung Mo Sung

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Advanced Deposition Materials for Atomic Layer Deposition and Beyond

  • Dr. Changbong Yeon

    Soulbrain Co., Ltd., Korea

SMART Metallization for Reliable and Power-Efficient Hetero-Integrated Systems

2. CMP & Post CMP Cleaning

Enhancing Advanced Memory Development through CMP Innovations

CMP Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Generation Logic Devices

  • Dr. Hoyoung Kim

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,

Challenges and Opportunities in CMP for More Than Moore Innovation

  • Prof. Haedo Jeong

    Pusan Nat'l Univ., Korea

Surface Modified Nanoparticle Abrasives for Efficient CMP Process

  • Prof. Tae-Dong Kim

    Hannan Univ., Korea

New Cleaning and Etch Solution Approaches for Advanced sub 5nm Technology Nodes

BOE-Based High Selective SiO2 Etching Technology Applicable to Next-Generation Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

  • Mr. Myung Ho Lee

    ENF Technology Co., Ltd., Korea

Surface Preparation for InGaAs MOSFET Fabrication

  • Prof. Sangwoo Lim

    Yonsei Univ., Korea

Polishing Mechanism on Ceria/SiO2 Interface

  • Dr. Satoyuki Nomura

    Resonac Corp., Japan

Enhancing Planarity and Defect Management in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Slurry for Advanced Middle-of-Line (MOL) Semiconductor Processes

  • Prof. Ungyu Paik

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

New Approach for Enhancing Cu CMP Performance Vi a. Radical Oxidation

  • Prof. Jea-Gun Park

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Amorphous-Carbon-Layer CMP Mechanism: Dependencies of Polishing-Rate on Film Hardness, Abrasive Material and Abrasive Diameter

  • Mr. Jinhyung Park

    UBM, Korea

3. Advanced Etching Technology

Green Technologies in Advanced Etching Process

Extendable Etch Solutions for Sub 10-nm DRAM Device

  • Dr. Kukhan Yoon

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Etching for Metals and Dielectric Materials

  • Prof. Heeyeop Chae

    Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea

Cryogenic Etching Processes Applied to the Next Generation of Nanoelectronic Technologies

  • Prof. Remi Dussart

    Univ. d’Orléans, France

Implementation of a Plasma-Based Integrated System for Synthesis, Etching, Machine-Learning of 2D TMDc

Etching Mechanism of Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon Nitride by Hydrogen Fluoride

  • Prof. Won-Jun Lee

    Sejong Univ., Korea

4. Advanced Lithography

Memory OPC Technology Development History and Future Strategy

High NA EUV: Eco Systems & Requirements

  • Dr. Chang-Min Park

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,

EUV Application for Memory Devices

  • Dr. Changhyun Cho

    ex-SK hynix & SEC, Korea

Deciphering Line Edge Roughness Formation in EUV Patterning: Insights from Molecular Simulations and Strategies for Minimization

  • Prof. Su-Mi Hur

    Chonnam Nat'l Univ., Korea

Thermal Emission Steering and Mid-IR Complex Amplitude Modulation with Graphene-Based Active Metasurfaces

Recent Advances in Inorganic EUV Photoresist

  • Prof. Myung-Gil Kim

    Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea

Advanced on-demand Micro-Transfer Printing Techniques for Seamless Integration of Nanophotonic and Metasurface Devices

  • Prof. Myung-Ki Kim

    Korea Univ., Korea

Evolution of Photolithography and Patterning Paradigms: Navigating into the DTCO and STCO Scaling Era

EUV OPC in High High-NA Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

  • Dr. Young-Chang Kim

    Siemens EDA, USA

Dielectric Metasurfaces for Optical Field Imaging Devices and Optimized Photonic Devices

Lithography Modeling with Machine Learning Techniques

  • Dr. Yonghwi Kwon

    Synopsys, Inc., USA

On-Chip Ultra-Low-Loss Optical Components for Mid-Infrared Photonics

Synchrotron Based Actinic EUV Metrology and Inspection Technologies

Low-Cost and Scalable Manufacturing of Optical Metasurfaces in the Visible Using Engineered Optical Materials (PER, Low-Loss a-Si:H, and Hybrid ALD Structural Resin)

EUV R&D Activity at NewSUBARU

  • Prof. Takeo Watanabe

    Univ. of Hyogo, Japan

Development of High-Efficiency EUV Zoneplate for Advanced EUV Lithography Equipment

5. Post Fabrication Technology and System Packaging

Technology Trend of the interposer for 2.5D SiP

Advanced Packaging Technology for Heterogeneous Integration

  • Dr. Seok Hyun Lee

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,

Advanced Packaging Materials and Evaluation Platform at Resonac

  • Dr. Hidenori Abe

    Resonac Corp., Japan

High-Performance TiO2/ZrO2/TiO2 Thin Film Capacitor by Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Annealing

Challenge Again for Latest Logic Semiconductor and Packaging Device

  • Dr. Takao Enomoto

    Rapidus Inc., Japan

Adhesion of Plated Thick Film Metal on Epoxy Molding Compound under Thermal Cycle

  • Dr. Jae-Seong Jeong

    KETI, Korea

2.5D Interposer Technologies for Heterogeneous Integration

  • Porf. Gu-Sung Kim

    Kangnam Univ., Korea

Glass Wafer for Supporting Semiconductors

  • Mr. Masahiro Kobayashi

    Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.,

Fluidic Self-Assembly Packaging: The Future of Microchip Transfer Technologies in MicroLED Display

  • Prof. Daewon Lee

    Myongji Univ., Korea

Development of Heterogenous and Multi-Stack Flexible Packaging with Photo-Patternable Polymer Elastic Bumps

  • Dr. Hyunkyu Moon

    KIMM, Korea

Metal-Oxide Based Thermal Interface Materials for Improvement of Heat Transfer Characteristics

  • Porf. Jinsub Park

    Hanyang Univ., Korea

Development Trends of Plasma System and Applications in Semiconductor Packaging and Substrate

  • Porf. Nam Son Park

    Tech Univ. of Korea, Korea

Supply Chain Trends, Challenges, and Disruptions in Semiconductor Packaging

Enabling Power Efficiency, Scaling, and Economics with Chiplets

  • Ms. E. Jan Vardaman

    TechSearch International, Inc., USA

Low-CTE Epoxy Resin for the Semiconductor Packaging

  • Mr. Dae-bong Yoon

    Samhwa Paints Ind Co., Ltd., Korea

6. Frontier Metrology, Diagnosis, and Modeling for Nanoscale IC Integration and Emerging Device Process

Important Role of Nano-Scale Metrology for Next Generation Device Manufacturing

3D Gray Level Index for Pattern Depth Monitoring Using SEM Image

  • Dr. Younghoon Sohn

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Inline Convergence AFM Solutions for Advanced Packaging

  • Dr. Sang-Joon Cho

    Park Systems Corp., Korea

Improved Semiconductor Nanodevice Metrology with Next Generation Atom Probe

Atomistic Simulation of Semiconductor Processing Using Machine Learning Potentials

  • Prof. Seungwu Han

    Seoul Nat'l Univ., Korea

Local Probe Microscopy: A Potential Tool for Material Characterization at Nanoscale

  • Prof. Mohit Kumar

    Ajou Univ., Korea

MI’s Direction for Next Journey

  • Dr. Byoung-Ho Lee

    Hitachi-hightech, Korea

Adaptive Optics for Optical Metrology & Inspection

  • Prof. Jun Ho Lee

    Kongju Nat'l Univ., Korea

Methodology for Efficient Monitoring of Semiconductor Processes in Very Low Volume Manufacturing (VLVM)

Analysis Theory and Method of Single Particle ICP-MS

The Optical System and Analysis for Thickness and Transition Zone Measurement of Epitaxial Layer

  • Mr. Yoonjong Park

    SEMILAB Korea, Korea

Spectroscopically Resolved Electronic Band Structures of Ultrathin Oxide Layers and Interfaces for Advanced ICs and IGZO-based TFTs

  • Porf. Hyungtak Seo

    Ajou Univ., Korea

Laser COOL Forming1 TGV for Glass Substrate of Semiconductor Packaging and Laser COOL Cut1 without Crack for Wafer(SiC, GaN, TSV, Sapphire)

  • CEO. Taegeun Kim

    Cubixel Inc., Korea

Flying-over Scanning Holography for Industrial Inspection

7. Power Device

Low Turn-on Voltage Silicon Carbide Diode

  • Mr. Kyuheon Cho

    On Semiconductor, Korea

GaN Power Devices for High Temperature and High Voltage Applications

4H-SiC Epitaxial Growth Technology for Large Area Substrate

  • Dr. Han-Seok Seo

    Research Inst. of Industrial Science
    & Tech., Korea


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